Outfit club members with yacht club burgee decals or sailing club logo stickers. Championship Regatta Graphics supplies stickers from 1 to 54 inches tall.

We can also help combine yacht club burgees with sponsor logos, yacht club logos, American or other country flags (we have them all!), and/or yacht club membership and parking stickers into a single sheet of souvenir or promotional sticker sets for each member.

Marina Burgee Stickers:

Marinas can sell these in their chandlery stores, as souvenir stickers for permanent and transient boaters visiting the marina. Popular sizes include 2.5″ high x 4″ wide or 3″ high x 5″ wide. Shown here, Vineyard Haven Marina (Martha’s Vineyard) and Prince Cove Marina (Cape Cod). Available in marine-grade vinyl with UV rated matte or shiny laminate.

United States Flag
U.S. Flag – 3 Inch

Yacht Club Burgee Sticker Sizes

Burgee and logo stickers can be created in many size, from 1″ tall to 54″ tall. The most common sizes are 2 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch and 6 inches tall.

Yacht Club Burgee Sticker - 2 Inch example
2 Inch Sticker (“full bleed”)
Yacht Club Burgee Sticker - 3 inch example
3 Inch Sticker (“no bleed”)
Yacht Club Burgee Sticker - 4 Inch example
4 Inch Sticker (“full bleed”)
Yacht Club Burgee Sticker 5 Inch example
5 Inch Sticker (“full bleed”)

Yacht Club Burgee Sticker Applications and Materials

Stickers and decals can be produced in a variety of materials to suit the application. Choices include:

  • Standard “intermediate” vinyl for boat hulls, bumper stickers
  • Standard “intermediate” vinyl with clear laminate for durability on boat hulls, car exteriors – windows, bumpers, trailers, panel trucks
  • “Removable” vinyl for painted walls or temporary non-marine application. Great to outfit your club’s meeting room
  • Transparent window clings for car interiors – excellent for parking stickers
  • Transparent vinyl for the inside of club doors
  • Translucent vinyl for interior of car windows or club doors – also excellent for parking stickers

Contact us for a free consultation to select the best size and materials for your burgee decals.