Yacht Club Membership Stickers

Share your membership pride with yacht club membership stickers. Yacht club membership stickers let your club members show their pride and share your club wherever they go…on their car, on their boat, or whatever. Many options for sizes, shapes, and colors are available (keep reading). No designer on staff? No problem, we can handle that for you.

Many clubs also use numbered yacht club membership stickers to identify equipment owners, such as trailers, spars, boat boxes, dollies, or other equipment.

Yacht Club Membership Sticker - with numbers - example

Yacht Club Membership Sticker – with numbers

One-Design Class Membership Stickers

One-design class membership stickers are similar to yacht club membership or sailing club parking stickers, showing who’s a paid member for each year. These also can be dated, numbered, or both.

Yacht Club Parking Stickers

Make sure your club’s parking lot is filled with member cars only with yacht club parking stickers. They’re similar to yacht club membership stickers, and can be dated, numbered, or both.

Yacht Club Membership, One-Design Class Membership, and Parking Sticker Options

Size and Shapes

Your stickers can be created in many sizes and shapes – rectangles, burgee shapes, ovals, shields, or just about anything. The most common sizes are 2 inches, 2 1/2 inches, and 3 inches tall.

Sticker Materials

Stickers and decals can be produced in a variety of materials to suit the application. Choices include:

  • Standard “intermediate” vinyl with clear laminate for durability on boat hulls, car exteriors – windows, bumpers, trailers, panel trucks
  • Transparent window clings for car interiors – excellent for parking stickers
  • Translucent vinyl for interior of car windows or club doors – also excellent for parking stickers

We can combine yacht club burgees with sponsor logos, yacht club logos, American or other country flags (we have them all!), and/or yacht club membership and parking stickers into a single sheet of souvenir or promotional sticker sets for each member.

Contact us for a free consultation to select the best size and materials for your yacht club or sailing one-design class decals.