Special Event Sponsor & Bow Number Stickers

Hosting a charity regatta or a special event such as a North U seminar often requires that you livery or sticker boats participating in the event for both identification and race purposes. These special event sponsor & bow number stickers are affordable and offer clubs the chance to feature paying sponsors.

For this event, Austin YC, Austin, TX hosted the NorthU seminar in their privately owned fleet of J80s. The event organizers contacted a local brewery and for far less than the participants beer tab at their first night’s opening event, the brewery sponsored the stickers that grace the boats during the event.

Designed for short term use, these stickers are not laminated for UV preservation and will be removed (and likely placed on other surfaces as a commemorative sticker.)

Even though there are only 15 boats in the series, the prominence of the NorthU event, the sponsor’s desire to be featured in the event social media, the club produced stickers 11-26 and Championship Regatta Graphics included a free RC sticker to livery the race committee boats.

Many regattas choose these integrated bow number and sponsor stickers and recoup the costs easily with sponsorship.

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